Who we are and what to expect from us 🙂 ?

In Czech we are called PROzmenu, FOR change, where PRO In Czech tands for personal development consulting. And “zmena” is nothing but “change” in English. So we support change via personal development. Why? Because it is inevitable to start doing things differently to finally achieve the results we desire. If you find this world too hostile and dangerous, lacking in bounty, it is necessary to start changing your inner world in the first place.

This is why we are here to help you on this journey. Personal development consulting is the crucial service we provide. We believe that self-understanding and ability to perceive contextual connections are the key we have in our hands. And it will be our pleasure to help you find yours 🙂

Every single change (action) is followed by consecutive actions (reactions) which gradually lead to an outcome. It is always useful to approach things in a complex way. That is why we also provide other services. One example is creation of transformation paintings, which affect the surroundings and the owner with their energy. We also offer a wide range of massages to regenerate the body and the spirit. Last but not least, we organize courses of spiritual development for the public.

You can choose make an appointment for a particular service or just drop by to see how we work and what we can offer you (eg. displayed works of art).

Thank you for your trust, we are looking forward to your visit.

Who can you meet here?


  • author of project PROzměnu
  • personal development consulting
  • creation of esoteric and transformation paintings

My name is Jana Valouchova and I help those who have decided to take the innitial step to change something. In the clients‘ presence I uncover unconscious levels of their minds and look for causes of current physical and psychological problems, such as discomfort, fear, insecurity). Once uncovered, the issue becomes conscious and thus easier to be dealt with using adaptation techniques, willpower and dedication.

I also paint paintings which carry information of change, transformation paintings, soothing paintings, protective paintings and also those which extend mental abilities. My paintbrush gives birth to new Beings with their own Soul and mission, who will love to help you find life in freedom, joy and peace.

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  • therapeutic massage
  • energetic massage

My name is Eva Matouskova. I have been working in the field of energy and massages since 2014. I feel very fulfilled and happy with it. I focus on subtle energy, reiki and energetic massage. I also offer classic, relaxation, tantric massages, using aroma oils and Dorne method. I work intuitively, taking into consideration what the client wants and needs at the moment. I massage with love, sharing the moment with the clients, who as a result experience improvement of physical and psychological wellbeing.

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Where can you find us

Poděbradova 65
612 00 Brno – Královo pole