Eva Matoušková masáže

Eva Matoušková

Choose the massage your body and mind desire. Or book an appointment and we can choose the best type of massage on the spot according to your current feeling.

Sports and classic massage

30 or 90 minute session. Done in the areas of nape, back, arms and legs. Releases muscle tension.
Price: 300 Kč/ 30 min. or 900 Kč/ 90 min.

Massage with aroma oils

Unique experience for body and mind, fills up your senses, releases tense muscles and stimulates your mind.
Price: 700 Kč/ 60 min.

Energetic massage (Reiki)

Client stays dressed. It is applied on the subtle level of the body. Releases blocked emotions, unblocks the body meridians.
Price: 800 Kč/ 60 min.

Dorne method

Corrects incorrect vertebrae position, return to balance prevents pain on physical and psychological level.
Price: 800 Kč/ 60 min.

Lymphatic massage

We will flow the lymph and help body to get rid of toxins.
Price: 800 Kč/ 90 min.