Personal development consulting

Personal development consulting

Jana Valouchová

Personal development consulting is advisable for those who want to move forward, develop, deepen knowledge of their inner-self, understand themselves better and comprehend their emotions and feelings. Self-understanding makes our future happier. Mind you this method does not predict future, but deals with causes of current problems. And this is how it positively affects the future.

Our behavior is predominantly influenced by the unconscious level of existence, where we often keep our painful and depressing experiences without being aware this. Subsequently these wounds of the past affect negatively the way we evaluate exhausting and also common everyday situations, which prevents us from easy, joyous life.

During my consultations I open subconscious and unconscious levels of patients‘ minds and look for causes of problems. Subsequent release of brain meridians is achieved by making these causes conscious. I use various adaptation techniques to develop clients‘ way to their new understanding of their life situations.

In order to achieve an effective outcome the counsellor’s work is not enough. Client’s determination and will to move forward and keep going are of paramount importance.

Price: 1200 Kč/ hour