Transformation paintings

Creation of transformation and esoteric paintings

Jana Valouchová

According to your energy and date of birth I will happily paint a painting with uniqe energy, carrying a code to decode a particular topic or situation or to enhance a particular aspect.

These paintings are a great accessory to our personal development cooperation which helps process current issues. But they can be great for anyone who has decided to change a particular aspect of their life.

I create transformation, protective and soothing paintings, but I can also provide you with those enhancing perception and mental abilities.

paintings can be created for individuals, couples or families.

Prices range between 1500 – 7500 Kč, depending on the canvas size (30*30 cm – 70*100 cm)
In case you are interested in a customized painting, contact me and I will provide you with a custom price calculation.

Protective and soothing paintings

Transformation paintings

Paintings enhancing perception and mental abilities